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Hello! I’m Marcello Barnaba, an Italian computer nerd, born on April, 11th 1981, currently located in Rome.

My interests range from Software Development to Computer Networks and Security, from Maths to Physics and Astronomy, Sociology.. more generally, anything that’s Science related. I do not endorse faith-related thinkings, and I’m hardly capable of remembering something if I haven’t fully grasped the inner workings of a system (of any kind).

I could define myself as a strong follower of the Hacker culture and its way of thinking and open-mindness, but I regret being referred to as a Computer Hacker, because I know that “my wisdom is limited to an awareness of my own ignorance” (Socrates’ principle).

I may be referred to as a Geek or Nerd, and I’m very proud of it :).

I’m a strong advocate of the Open Source Movement and Culture, I try to spend efforts in Open Source software whenever possible – check out my github account.

My favorite Programming Language (ATM) is Ruby, I use to write software also in C, C++, Perl, PHP and Erlang.

I’m now working for a specialized agency of the United Nations, IFAD, I travel around for technology/security conferences and SCUBA diving, taking photos, writing diaries and enjoying life – that’s to short to wonder why :). I also tweet and share stuff on the interwebs.

Have a good time here on sindro.me, and don’t forget to leave your comments!

~Marcello – vjt@openssl.it

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