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Chuck Norris in Ruby

intinig ported Chuck’s roundhouse kick power to ruby! Have a look..

It’s a proof-of-concept, of course :).

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I've already got Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6

And this is the proof:

( Of course, if you know about SystemVersion.plist, skip this entry ;) )

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What does your .bash_history say?

A friend of mine told me that on techie blogs there is a new meme going on: show off the most used commands, starting from shell history:

history | \
 awk '{a[$2]++}END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}' | \
 sort -rn| head -15

I’ve got 20 times the default bash history size (10k lines), so it’ll yield interesting results. I also use the history timestamp feature, so I’ve added a little sed to the code in order to strip timestamps out.

Let’s see:

 13:19:50 vjt@voyager:~/code*$* history | 
     sed 's#^[ 0-9\[\/\:]*\]\([^ ]*\).*#\1#' |  
     awk '{a[$1]++}END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}' | 
     sort -rn | head -15
928 l
577 ssh
389 ping
381 cd
300 dig
259 telnet
153 sudo
126 ifconfig
125 whois
113 ps
96 svn
91 cat
73 fg
68 vi
61 ..

yeah, I do a LOT of ls, l is actually ls -alFGs (I’m on Darwin). This list exposes my recent habits, because I’m coding less and managing more (no gcc, no irb, lots of dig & whois). svn is still there, of course ;). ssh means that these results should be aggregated with other histories coming from the other boxes I log on to.. but that’s a topic for anoter post ;).

Which are your results?

Post them here! :D

UPDATE 2008-06-03

As my recent habits are more coding than writing docs, I re-ran the history analysis.. and these are the new results:

1796 l
981 svn
705 ssh
693 cd
666 ping
402 vi
356 ifconfig
352 telnet
321 dig
315 sudo
283 fg
240 grep
188 ..
183 cat
157 ps

UPDATE 2009-02-20

5427 l
4379 git
3128 svn
2812 vi
2105 cd
1408 ping
1392 fg
1328 ssh
935 ifconfig
893 grep
890 sudo
733 rake
653 cat
554 ..
535 ruby

UPDATE 2009-05-24

7374 l
5041 git
3265 vi
3131 svn
2753 cd
1881 ssh
1763 ping
1618 fg
1101 sudo
1100 ifconfig
977 grep
867 cat
767 rake
721 telnet
671 ..

UPDATE 2010-06-01

20517 git
7794 l
1906 cd
1631 rg
1518 vi
1108 rake
1041 cat
1010 ruby
790 sudo
754 fg
676 make
670 script/console
626 rm
496 ping
474 ..

UPDATE 2012-07-23

3367 l
2685 ssh
1289 cd
1013 curl
976 git
857 sudo
815 ping
526 telnet
521 ps
497 cat
472 port
422 fg
400 vi
274 rm
259 dig
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Urinals in amsterdam

Via reddit

In Amsterdam, the tile under Schipol’s urinals would pass inspection in an operating room. But nobody notices. What everybody does notice is that every urinal has a fly in it. Look harder, and the fly turns into the black outline of a fly, etched into the porcelain. It improves the aim. If a man sees a fly, he aims at it. Fly-in-urinal research found that etchings reduce spillage by 80%. It gives a guy something to think about. That’s the perfect example of process control.
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We still can do it

Well, it seems that I’ve got no reason to be paranoid about my age: I still can do inline like I did (everyday) when I was a bit younger :).

On international workers day, 1st of may, sam literally carried my out from home, far from the computer, and we went skating. It’s been an awesome day, we skated a lot, and shot some nice photos.

But the real good ones have been shot when ndstr caught us. He is by far the best photographer you could met, and of course my favourite one (take a look at his site!).

He’s been also a skater, so he knows very very well how and when to shot in order to take out the most from your tricks :). Here are two of them, portraying me and sam while doing our best!

It was fun. Really fun. Thank you sam for taking me out of home :D.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit my deviantart, and look at this one :D

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10.5.2 Odissey: a small journey in Mac OS X services and components

Well, I’m really happy with OSX 10.5.2. Even I’m not the one that blamed Apple for the translucent menu bar that everyone dislikes.. well, I like it. I don’t care about the TM menu bar tool, because I haven’t bought (yet) the nifty Time Capsule, I like the spinner in the Airport menu and, most of all, I really like the updates to the BluetoothSCOAudioDriver.kext that drives my bluetooth headset.

Spotlight also feels faster and faster on every upgrade, and I’m a heavy spotlight user, so this makes me really happy. Thanks Apple engineers!

Back to the topic: why odissey? Because as per my battery hints, I managed to make my MacBook2,1 SHUT DOWN while at 74% of the “Writing files” phase of the combo update… resulting in a completely broken system, as every geek could imagine :). Apple updated some libraries, and upon reboot simply nothing worked, and the darwin console was filled with lots of error messages.

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Google Maps (part I of "The Googling")

Ever had some concerns about Google Maps and how much that app can see about your house, your car, yout neighbours and … maybe … yourself?!? Well, maybe you are right! Have a look at this video from the vacationeers ...


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how to keep your apple notebook battery healthy

3 simple rules:

- DO NOT leave your charger connected when the battery is charged, even when you go to sleep.

- DO let it discharge completely, when using it wait till it reaches 0%, when sleeping it leave it alone, when you’ll wake up and you’ll open it, a resume from suspend to disk will greet you. OSX FTW.

- Monitor it and show off OSX performance counters to your friends (images courtesy of and System

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Ruby 1.9 has got the answer to life, universe and everything

 22:33:24 vjt@voyager:~$ irb19 -f
irb(main):001:0> Symbol.all_symbols.grep /^the/
=> [:the_answer_to_life_the_universe_and_everything]

! :)

unluckily, the answer isn’t 42:

irb(main):002:0> _.first.object_id
=> 5048


Thanks for this strange finding, nextie! :D

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When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth

Novel logo

A really really really NERD novel by Cory Doctorow that tells about a bunch of sysadmins that strive to keep the good ol’ Net online, after a catastrophic event that brought the entire world to its knees. They fight with scarce power and food supplies, and communicate over the Usenet… using the “good old alt. hierarchy”.

Vote: 10+ for the geekiest thing I’ve ever read, it’s really worth the hour needed to read it completely. Enjoy it.

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tks nextie


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How to backup with time machine on a network share

Ingredients: Debian, Netatalk, Avahi, some trickery.

Step 1: recompile netatalk adding SSL Support:

You can safely ignore the ”.passwd” stuff, because afpd uses PAM for user authentication.

Hint: disable the atalk protocol handlers in /etc/default/netatalk, for a faster startup:

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