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The end of online anonymity

Exactly the words that run around my mind these days:

“When we reach the point where online anonymity has ended, instead of getting to be who we really are, the fact that we’ve become so aware of the fact that we’re always being recorded, photographed, tracked, and traced, will have actually created a slightly altered personality instead. Like reality TV show contestants, the act of being observed will change our behavior. Our personal brand image will become our public identity and therefore our identity.”

I’d think these describe exactly the “facebook effect”.

What do you think?

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The mayonnaise jar and two glasses of wine

English version below.

“Quando ti sembra di avere troppe cose da gestire nella vita, quando 24 ore in un giorno non sono abbastanza, ricordati del vaso della Maionese e dei due bicchieri di vino…”

Un professore stava davanti alla sua classe di filosofia e aveva davanti alcuni oggetti.

Quando la classe incominciò a zittirsi, prese un grande barattolo di maionese vuoto e lo iniziò a riempire di palline da golf. Chiese poi agli studenti se il barattolo fosse pieno e costoro risposero che lo fosse.

Il professore allora prese un barattolo di ghiaia e la rovesciò nel barattolo di maionese. Lo scosse leggermente e i sassolini si posizionarono negli spazi vuoti, tra le palline da golf. Chiese di nuovo agli studenti se il barattolo fosse pieno e questi concordarono che lo fosse.

Il professore prese allora una scatola di sabbia e la rovesciò, aggiungendola nel barattolo; ovviamente la sabbia si sparse ovunque all’interno. Chiese ancora una voltase il barattolo fosse pieno e gli studenti risposero con un unanime “Sì!”.

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Urinals in amsterdam

Via reddit

In Amsterdam, the tile under Schipol’s urinals would pass inspection in an operating room. But nobody notices. What everybody does notice is that every urinal has a fly in it. Look harder, and the fly turns into the black outline of a fly, etched into the porcelain. It improves the aim. If a man sees a fly, he aims at it. Fly-in-urinal research found that etchings reduce spillage by 80%. It gives a guy something to think about. That’s the perfect example of process control.
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When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth

Novel logo

A really really really NERD novel by Cory Doctorow that tells about a bunch of sysadmins that strive to keep the good ol’ Net online, after a catastrophic event that brought the entire world to its knees. They fight with scarce power and food supplies, and communicate over the Usenet… using the “good old alt. hierarchy”.

Vote: 10+ for the geekiest thing I’ve ever read, it’s really worth the hour needed to read it completely. Enjoy it.

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