A tweeting (geeky) parrot

I’m searching for a new pet. We already have two lovely cats, but after feeling how alive an house can be with many pets (after a beautiful night @ il quadrato mansion), I’m thinking about having another one to grow and love.

But, what kind of geek am I, if I don’t add a nerdy bit to it? So, after the brain twitter interface about which we talked about so much in the last days, this evening a quite random funny thought has stumbled into my mind: what about getting a grey parrot, grow it, learn it to talk, and letting him .. well, tweet his words using a speech recognition system put right aside its bar and linked to a twitter account? How weird would be that?! :D

Tweeting parrot

Thinking deeply, the weirdest thing is that in 2009, a tweeting parrot makes me think about a “parrot with access to twitter” .. and not a bird emitting its natural verse. Am I overloaded by this social media thingie? Should I take some vacation?

I guess. But not right now. The first italian facebook developer garage is right two days away..


Image courtesy of @ozjulian on flickr, CC BY-NC-SA

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