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Doing something is always better than doing nothing

From the stage of web2.0 Expo 2008 in San Francisco, Clay Shirky talks about the social revolution carried by web2.0 into contemporary society, from TV to Wikipedia and World of Warcraft. And twitter still had to be globally recognized, in 2008.

Original video file and related discussion here (courtesy of Score: 5 (insightful)

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It just takes one person to get the party started

  • The sad conclusion: «humans are such herd animals»
  • The good conclusion: «virality has always existed, it’s not an invention of Web2.0. Social networking is just a powerful tool for everyone that wants to change the world»
  • The mean conclusion: «how much does it take to get people from their computers to the real world after a virtual “heads up” by some “dancing man”?»
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Today we released the output of 9 months of hard work:, a social networking site for musicians. Have a look at the promo video and check out the site. Have fun! :)

UPDATE 2009/02/23: The site is now paused.

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Google Maps (part I of "The Googling")

Ever had some concerns about Google Maps and how much that app can see about your house, your car, yout neighbours and … maybe … yourself?!? Well, maybe you are right! Have a look at this video from the vacationeers ...


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Medieval Helpdesk


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