We still can do it

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Well, it seems that I’ve got no reason to be paranoid about my age: I still can do inline like I did (everyday) when I was a bit younger :).

On international workers day, 1st of May, Sam literally carried me out from home, far from the computer, and we went skating. It’s been an awesome day, we skated a lot, and shot some nice photos.

But the real good ones have been shot when ndstr caught us. He is by far the best photographer you could meet, and of course my favorite one (take a look at his site!).

He’s been also a skater, so he knows very very well how and when to shoot in order to take out the most from your tricks :). Here are two of them, portraying me and Sam while doing our best!

Skating Photo

It was fun. Really fun. Thank you Sam for taking me out of home :D.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit my deviantArt, and look at this one :D